There are best Industrial outdoor lights, LED street light fixture, commercial LED flood lights, LED wall lights, and also led interior light kit, such as tubelight fixture, LED ceiling panel light, LED A19 Bulbs, etc.





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Please contact our customer service when you inquire about the quantity of commerial led flood lights, we will check and calculate a corresponding price for you.


Meet the requirements of various outdoor scenes, practical installation is simple and easy to maintain Environmental protection and high recyclability.


Demand Champions

Suitable for a variety of application scenarios – the color temperature of the light has more options, such as parking lots, production plants, supermarkets, offices and other places.

Conceal & Surface

The ceiling light LED light is made of aluminum material for heat dissipation, high quality acrylic material lampshade, high flame retardant face ring design, providing the best distance from the lampshade to the LED beads, anti-glare lampshade, with the best light transmission.


Our best Industrial outdoor lights comes with 5 year warranty. If you have any questions or concerns about the product,  We are committed to helping you with your project.

With advanced production equipment, strong R&D, team and technical resources, perfect quality assurance system and perfect after-sales service.


These best-in-class Energy Star IMPRESS LED lamps to provide stable, natural lighting that is 1/4 the energy of incandescent lamps and 1/2 the energy of halogen lamps, with 10 times the life and 4 times the life, respectively. IMPRESS LEDs contain no mercury and therefore do not contribute to hazardous waste

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Frequently Asked Questions

As LED lighting technology continues to advance, it’s understandable that many of our customers are asking all sorts of questions. You can quickly find the most frequently asked questions about LED lights here.

The unit of color temperature is Kelvin, typical bulb is about 2,500K, fluorescent lamps warm white is 2,700 – 3,000K cold white is 6,000 – 6,500K

Impress LED factory lights have three options:

  • Warm white 2,700-3,000K
  • Natural white 4,000-4500K
  • Cold white 6,000-6500K.


We are divided into two voltages according to the actual model according to years of experience: Narrow voltage 120-265VAC, Wide voltage 85-285VAC, both 50/60Hz


LED lights bring many advantages to the lighting industry, including high efficiency and durability, and are more efficient than other lights; their required maintenance is greatly reduced. This translates into energy savings, maintenance savings and cost savings.

  • Longer life – LED lights last 10 times longer than fluorescent lamps, far longer than typical incandescent lamps
  • Durability – LEDs do not have a tungsten filament and will not break under normal conditions as tungsten lamps do
  • Mercury-free – no mercury or other hazardous materials in the production process of LED tubes
  • More efficient – LED lamps to use only 1/3 to 1/30 of the power of incandescent or CFL lamps to achieve the brightness of traditional fluorescent lamps.