Why ordinary LED lights do not work well for stadium lighting?

Many customers will think that the gap between ordinary LED lights and professional stadium lighting gap is very small, and even choose to buy their own ordinary LED lights online to install in the stadium. And this will lead to a variety of light decay, uneven lighting, blinding, and other problems, resulting in a vast increase in late camping and maintenance costs, and an impact on the stadium’s revenue. That’s because there is a big gap between ordinary LED lights and professional sports lighting fixtures.

impress stadium lighting

Dimmable and non-dimmable LED sports lighting fixtures

Stadium lighting LED lights are flexible, intelligent dimming can be based on different scenarios to avoid the problem of uneven field illumination, and the design of a single LED light simply can not meet the needs of all types of stadium lighting.

Impress lighting system of the intelligent dimming system can better create a sports atmosphere belonging to the athletes so that the athletes on the sports field feel the charm of sports competition.

The optical design of sports lighting

Through the optical proportioning of professional lighting designers, sports lighting fixtures can eliminate problems such as glare and spill light. And ordinary LED lights do not have professional anti-glare treatment, for a passionate fight in an athletic competition, blinding and flashing is easy cause game accidents affect the game.

For different sports have different field lighting design, such as track and field, golf, basketball, and other different sports, athletes’ visual height range from 3 meters to 30 meters, need to meet the ground light distribution and keep the light spot beam angle, these are the need for professional lighting designers to design programs to meet the needs of specific projects.

Rated life and quality are kings

Rated life is the life value assigned by the manufacturer for a particular type of fixture, and typical LED lights typically last between 15,000 and 50,000 hours, and the life value is also tied to the quality of the LED light, investing in high-quality LED lights is definitely worth it, they produce more desirable lighting results and last longer than cheaper bulbs. Over time, you will see the return on investment of a quality sports lighting system.

Energy-efficient and harmless LED lighting

Products with EU-certified energy labels classify energy efficiency into different levels from A++ to E. A++ is the most energy efficient, while E is the least energy efficient. And with ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances), designed to protect health and the environment by limiting the use of hazardous substances in lamps or some electronic equipment, be sure to pay attention when choosing such lamps, RoHS-compliant LED lamps are more environmentally friendly.

IMPRESS and Sports light design company in the road of sports lighting has been cooperating for more than ten years, and integrity and trust is the basic principle of our treatment of customers and treatment of each venue, in the field of sports lighting, Impress has been committed to creating quality lighting effects, not only for the athletes, for the audience is also.

A constant stream of stadiums choosing to cooperate with us is also proof, and the purchase of IMPRESS lamps is more like a service, life cycle services, including the design and overall operation and maintenance of the program for you, choose us will be your most worthy investment.

Sports light design company is a sports lighting industry solutions provider, more focused on the feelings of users in the venue, to better lighting effects as the goal, dedicated to the development and design of sports stadium lighting products, with international new technology, rigorous craftsmanship, to build a national brand of corporate philosophy, to create core competitiveness of the LED lighting industry’s national brand.

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