Why have sports fields in recent years replaced LED lights?

Sports are passionate and people go to sports for many reasons: to stay in shape, to have fun, to meet new people, or simply to relax from the stress of work, and sometimes just for the pure satisfaction of winning. but why have sports fields in recent years replaced LED lights? It doesn’t matter what the game is, what the specifications are, lighting is important; whether you’re lighting a World Cup venue, or ensuring a club or small venue is lit, Impress will do its best to help you achieve the best possible lighting.

Why have sports fields in recent years replaced LED lights?

At Impress LED lighting manufacturer, we are passionate about what we do. Our lighting technicians will help you choose, install and maintain your lighting system for your venue based on your needs and budget. As your needs change and grow, our lighting specialists will follow up with our clients to change and improve the program so you get the right lighting at the right venue at the right time. We’re sure it’s time to change your arena lighting system, and here are four important reasons why you should choose an LED lighting system that will allow you to successfully win your games.

Why have sports fields in recent years replaced LED lights?

Understand your country’s regulations for sports lighting

Start with the basics: What sport does your venue want to be used for? Impress will be the first to support you with expertise, we have decades of experience in lighting, whether it’s a soccer field or a basketball court, among other venues, and we have extensive experience in installing venues.

Another thing that must be followed is national standards, safety protocols regarding light pollution, and regulations according to different regions. impress has been widely used in more than 130 cities, so we will use our regionalized expertise to synthesize our success stories applied to sports lighting. Also because of this, we have made rotatable modularity, so that customers can buy lights that meet the quantity according to the national lighting standards.

Where the future is headed

What are the goals of your club or venue? One aspect of lighting requirements is going to change. On the other hand, maybe you want to be able to hold events at your venue to help increase revenue. So lighting is flexible and changeable according to your needs.

Whatever your needs are, converting to LED will save energy, maintenance time, and money. Energy conservation has always been the world’s mainstream, and in order to ensure the best quality on its basic lighting requirements, conversion to LED lights is a good choice. Rotatable module set is our unique design, according to the different light distribution ratio angles, and the field re-targeting rotation, there are more options than the traditional xenon lights.

Better control of the venue

With LED lighting you can adjust each area more independently and without the need for preparation time. IMPRESS lighting intelligent control system can be perfectly controlled using a mobile app, so you can change the lighting settings simply by sliding your phone then you risk climbing up a ladder. The lights can be adjusted to different levels including competition, training, youth sports (you don’t need the whole field), recreation, and then set up in different areas.

With our professional knowledge and huge product offering, we help you present your venue with the best lighting possible. For those ready to move up to professional leagues, we have the experience to get your lighting through league audits and similar inspections.

Design, Install, Light Up

We will design an initial lighting plan for your one-on-one and then continuously improve it according to your needs. Before implementing the installation, we will hold an issue meeting to design the conversion to LED lighting based on the old lights and the venue. Many HID (Xenon) lights are installed on old sites, so they need to be refurbished on the existing structure to become LED systems.

Old venues generally have a tendency to deform unstable, leading to the risk of sinking and fracturing. Whereas our sports lighting is installed aerodynamically to ensure that the wind blowing to the poles is kept to a minimum. This makes the installation easier and safer, and the technical specialists move the poles according to the different venues. A few centimeters of movement on the pole can completely change the light shining on that area of the field, disrupting everyone in the game.

We go through a number of programs to address areas where the lights should not be shining. Many cities have strict light pollution regulations. For example, in Chengdu, China, where light standards are very strict, using LED lighting means that we can get your lights aimed precisely at your venue without affecting the houses on the side of the road. With IMPRESS solutions, your team will have more fun playing and your neighbors will have more peace of mind that they won’t be affected.

The energy savings from our LED solutions mean that projects typically pay for themselves within a few years. In addition, IMPRESS’ intelligent controls can save on laying cable, which is often a large part of the cost of lighting. Much of the savings will help your team and venue go further and stronger.

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