What is LED panel light and its characteristics in 2022

Panel lights have a large light surface, which is very suitable for some places that need a large illumination range and even light, such as kitchens, bathrooms, offices, and other places. Home use, panel lights in the kitchen and bathroom are usually integrated use. For example, the integrated ceiling in the kitchen has a panel light position.

1. What is LED panel light?

Panel lights are also called flat panel lights, or grommet lights. Commonly used in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, hallways, and other home spaces, such as some kitchen and bathroom lights, integrated ceiling lights, etc. Offices, shopping malls, etc. will also be often used.

The principle of panel lights, LED early usually used as the backlight of the display, and then gradually developed into specialized lighting fixtures. The initial panel light is the use of the LED backlighting principle, LED light source in the back, the light through the diffusion plate directly projected down, that is, straight down the panel light.

There is the use of the side light-emitting guide principle, that is, the LED light source in the lamps and lanterns around, after the light guide plate, reflective plate to form the front projection effect. They are also known as side light-emitting panel lights.

Panel light’s familiar light sources are LED, fluorescent tubes, etc., now the most commonly used is the LED light source.

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2. Features of Panel Light

Shape and size of panel light

Panel lights are available in round, square, rectangular, shaped, etc. The most common ones are square and rectangular.

Regular size:

  • The square ones are 300mm*300mm 400mm*400mm 500mm*500mm 600mm*600mm
  • The rectangle has 300mm*600cm 300mm*1200mm 600mm*1200mm

Of course, you can make it into any size you need according to your demand!

The light source of the panel light is mainly used by the LED light source

Panel lights with LED as the light source have the advantages of LED lamps and lanterns common long life, high luminous efficiency, low power consumption, low energy consumption, and environmental protection.

Because of the unique characteristics of the panel light, the LED panel light also has a large light surface, does not occupy space, and has uniform light, simple appearance.

Easy to maintain and other advantages, suitable for bathroom, kitchen, office, and other lighting use.

The main structural parts of the panel light

Aluminum frame Good heat dissipation performance, good texture, beautiful and generous.

The light source, now generally used is the LED beads, and most of them are SMD-type lamp beads. Commonly used specifications are 3528 and 5050 two sizes.

Light guide plate, as LED is a point light source, the need to use the corresponding optical design and materials, such as light guide plate, the light will be evenly exported.

In the diffusion plate, the material is mostly acrylic, PC, etc., and the role of the light guide plate will be evenly emitted.

Reflector plate, the light will be reflected from the back of the guide plate to improve the light efficiency.

Other components such as the back cover, mainly play a role in sealing and heat dissipation.

Drive power supply, commonly used constant current source or constant voltage constant current source, the constant current power supply is cost-effective, constant voltage constant current source, stable performance, but the efficiency is not as high as a constant current source.

Mounting components, there may be wire, brackets, screws, etc., to facilitate the installation of panel lights. Installation methods are open, mounted, hanging, embedded installation, etc.

Of course, focusing on the quality of the panel light source, the power factor of the drive power supply, efficiency, panel light structure cooling problems, etc., for the selection of good panel light is very helpful.

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