What is an intelligent LED lighting system?

So, what is the intelligent LED lighting system? What is the significance of an intelligent street lighting system? This article will focus on these two issues to continue to understand intelligent street lighting.

In the process of smart city construction, in addition to the realization of resource “sharing, intensive, integrated”, improving the efficiency of urban operations, energy saving, and emission reduction, green environmental protection is also a basic and critical part.

Urban street lighting in the city can be described as a major consumer of electricity and energy, the characteristics of the intelligent street lighting systems and the application of intelligent LED lighting systems in this area of great contribution and role.

intelligent LED lighting system

What is an intelligent LED lighting system?

An intelligent lighting system is to provide intelligent and informative applications by collecting data analysis of users, environment, and other factors through various sensors for equipment adjustment.

The meaning of an intelligent LED lighting system.

Energy saving and emission reduction
Intelligent lighting control system with a variety of different “pre-set” control methods and control components, different times, and different environments of the light level for precise settings and reasonable management, to achieve the effect of energy savings. This automatic adjustment of illumination can make full use of the natural light outside, and light up or light to the desired brightness on demand, using the least amount of energy to ensure the required level of illumination, the effect of energy saving can generally reach more than 30%.

Extend the life of the light source
Whether it is a thermal radiation light source, or a gas discharge light source, the fluctuation of the grid voltage is a major cause of damage to the light source. Suppressing fluctuations in grid voltage can effectively extend the life of a light source. An intelligent lighting control system can be used in lighting and hybrid circuits is adaptable, can work continuously and stably in various harsh grid environments and complex load situations, and will also effectively extend the life of the luminaire and reduce maintenance costs.

Improve environment and efficiency
Reasonable choice of light sources, lamps, and excellent lighting control systems can help improve lighting quality. An intelligent lighting control system with a dimming module control panel instead of the traditional flat switch control lamps can effectively control the illumination value of the area, thus improving the illumination uniformity.

Multiple lighting effects
A variety of lighting control methods can make the same building with a variety of artistic effects, adding color to the building. In modern buildings, lighting is not simply to meet people’s visual effect of light and dark but should have a variety of control programs to make the building more vivid, and more artistic, giving people a rich visual effect and sense of beauty.

The use of intelligent street light intelligent lighting control systems can not only save a lot of money but also greatly reduce the workload of management operations and maintenance personnel. Reduce the operating costs of the lighting system at the same time, the management and maintenance efficiency has also been improved.

At present, China’s urban lighting control is relatively simple, crude, and backward, with low quality of service and energy-saving level, which is difficult to meet the needs of modern urban lighting and does not meet the keynote of the new smart city development, urban lighting services are facing the dual challenges of fine management and energy saving and emission reduction.

Street lighting is an important public infrastructure in urban lighting, with the continuous development of economic and social and social parties to the rising demand for urban public lighting, street lighting is not only limited to providing basic lighting functions but also developed into the entrance to the smart city, bearing the perception of everything, the collection, and transmission of information and data, the carrier of multiple resources, etc…

The above is the significance of intelligent street lighting system is all about, more knowledge and dynamics of intelligent street lighting welcome to find us to get the latest information.

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