8 factors lead to LED lights price varying widely

Analysis of the “appearance of the same” why the LED lights price difference is huge!

The continuous development of the lighting industry, LED lights and traditional lights continue to compete. Production of LED and LED lighting manufacturers are numerous, different manufacturers choose different materials to manufacture LED is an important reason for the different LED lights.

Due to the increasingly intense price war, the appearance, structure, function of almost the same product, the price difference is 2-3 times, many users are momentarily confused, do not know where the price difference comes from, the general LED lighting manufacturers are difficult to distinguish, let alone buyers. The main aspects that cause the price difference are as follows.

1. Brightness affects the LED lights price

LED brightness is different, the price is different. This is not difficult to understand, just like traditional incandescent lamps, high wattage lamp prices are high, and LED bulb brightness using lumens to express the same wattage lumen number, the higher the luminous efficiency, the brighter the light, the more expensive.

2. Anti-static Ability change the LED lights price different

The strong anti-static ability of LED, long life, and therefore high prices. Usually anti-static greater than 700V LED can be used for LED lighting.

3. Wavelength of LED lights

Wavelength consistent LED, consistent color, such as the requirement of consistent color, the price is high. LED spectroscopy color is not divided into good manufacturers is difficult to produce pure color products.

4. Leakage Current affects the LED lights price

LED is a one-way conductive luminous body, if there is a reverse current, it is called leakage. Leakage current is large LED, short life, low price, and vice versa high price.

5. Lifetime of LED Light

The key to different quality is life, life by the light decay decision. Light decay is small, long life, long life, a high price, and the average lifetime of LED lights than traditional lights.

6. LED chip origin makes different LED lights price

LED light-emitting body for the chip, different chips, the price varies greatly. Japan, the United States of the chip is more expensive, Taiwan and China’s local manufacturers of LED chip prices lower than Japan, the U.S. Most of the price of LED lights are concentrated in the chip, the chip is equivalent to the heart of LED lamps.

7. LED Chip size have different price

The size of the chip is expressed in terms of side length, the quality of a large chip LED is better than that a small chip, and the price is proportional to the size of the chip.

8. Colloid of LED lights

Ordinary LED colloid is generally epoxy resin, with anti-UV and fire retardant LED more expensive, high-quality outdoor LED lighting should be anti-UV and fire. The suitable colloid is safer daily and can effectively avoid short circuits and other unexpected situations affecting the accident.

LED lighting prices in general is showing a trend of reducing, but the price is too low LED lighting products buyers must be more than one eye to avoid suffering from unscrupulous business deception. Low-priced LED lights are more likely to use inferior materials and crude process manufacturing, not only in the safety is not guaranteed, the quality of the product is questionable. Therefore, when choosing LED lights, be sure to look at the product parameters and product quality, do not only want to be cheap.

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