Top 3 reasons LED lights become dark!

We have also repeatedly mentioned the advantages and disadvantages of LED, and how to clean and maintain LED lights. Recently we found that some customers asked:

Why do the LED lights become dark, led lights become dark how do you?

Following incandescent lamps, CFLs, and LED lights have become the dominant lighting market, and the status is unbreakable. Home, office, business lighting, a variety of downlights, and art lights are inseparable from the support of LED technology.

LED lights with darkening, in fact, is also a very common phenomenon, especially among some unknown manufacturers of LED lights.

From the composition of the LED, probably from the lamp beads / SMD, driver, and light failure of these three aspects to interpret the reasons for its darkening. Whether it is an LED light source or LED finished lamps, they need to have a lamp beads / SMD + driver to constitute.

LED driver – drive power supply

One of the roles of the driver lies in the constant current, LED lamp beads to a stable power supply environment, so it is also called LED constant current drive power supply.

Because LED is a relatively sensitive low-voltage semiconductor device, qualified drive power supply, to take into account the conversion rate, constant current accuracy, service life, electromagnetic compatibility, and other factors.

Therefore, if the driver fails, it may lead to an unstable current and voltage, which eventually leads to the darkness, instability, and even destruction of LED beads.

Because theoretically speaking, only the technical parameters of the driver and the lamp bead board match, the lamp bead can be sustained, stable and normal light.

Solution: direct replacement and maintenance are difficult, and non-technical personnel can not repair them.

LED beads burned

LED Lights become dark

LED beads are the important parts of LED lights, but also the main body of light. When one or some of the beads burned, the brightness of the entire LED lamp will be reduced, that is, the netizen said darkly. And, because the LED beads are first connected in series in parallel, so once one of the beads burns, the entire LED light may not light up.

Solution: Find the burned-out bead (generally burned-out beads have obvious black spots), with a thin wire connected to its back, so that other beads can be connected in series normally. Or directly replace the burned-out lamp beads.

It is worth noting that if the lamp beads are occasionally burned, replace them, do not care too much. If a short time, frequent burning, should be considered as the problem of the drive power supply. As mentioned earlier, the drive power supply provides a good working environment for the lamp beads.

LED itself light decay

As the name implies, light decay refers to the luminous body (such as a variety of lamps, and light sources) of the luminance over time is getting lower and lower, especially our commonly used incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamps may be used use it is not bright.

LED lights are the same, the same light decay exists, just not so obvious, and even the human eye is difficult to see. Of course, this is also an important indicator of LED energy saving and environmental protection. And poor quality LED lights, not only the luminous effect is not stable, but the light decay time is also shorter, and the degree is also stronger.

So, what kind of light decay level is normal?

Usually, the industry believes that LED lights within one year 5% of the light decay is considered the normal range; three years of light decay in about 15%, also considered normal, each brand, different grades of LED lights, slightly different.

However, when the light decay of LED lights is more than 30%, we do not recommend the use. Otherwise, one can not achieve a good lighting effect, the second is also a waste of electricity.

Lighting design is not the selection of lights, it is a technical and artistic work, if you really do not have the time and professionalism to DIY lighting design, you might as well find a lighting designer!

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