What are the important differences between LED tubes T5 vs T8? How to choose the right LED tube?

In indoor design or installation, we often hear that there are different models of LED tubes, and T5 vs T8 LED tubes are the two more commonly heard models. What exactly is the difference between T5 and T8 fluorescent tubes? How to choose the most suitable model for your project?

Let’s explain the difference between T5 and T8 from four directions: size, luminosity, energy consumption, and environmental protection.

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The difference between T5 VS T8 LED tubes

1. Difference between T5 and T8 LED tube size

We commonly use T8 and T5 tubes, the “T” stands for “Tube”, which means tubular, and the number after the T indicates the diameter of the tube.

It means that each “T” is 1/8 inch, one inch is equal to 25.4 mm, then each “T” is 25.4 ÷ 8 = 3.175 mm, then the diameter of T8 light tube is about 25.4 mm, while the diameter of T5 light tube is smaller, about 15.8 mm.

In the purchase, we can choose the model according to the size of the luminaire at home, the larger size of the luminaire can choose T8, the smaller size of the luminaire choose T5. It is best to record the required size of the luminaire before purchase, if the T8 light tube want to choose T5 tube can be, but need a conversion bracket.

2. The difference between the luminosity of LED tubes T5 and T8

In terms of illuminance, compared to the two types of tubes, the T8 tube is stronger in terms of illuminance because the T5 tube is smaller in size, so it is filled with less electrons and gases and produces less brightness when energized, so the T8 tube is brighter.

If you need a brighter tube light in the use and place, you can choose LED T8 tube light, need a darker light source can choose T5 tube light.

3. The difference in energy consumption between LED fluorescent tubes T5 and T8

In terms of energy consumption, since LED T5 tubes use rare earth trichromatic phosphors, compared to T8 tubes, LED T5 tubes are more energy efficient.

This is related to the volume of the tube itself, because the T5 tube is smaller in size, the gas touching the tube wall and the chance of greater discharge, so the same lighting time, the T5 tube requires less electricity, T5 tube than T8 tube unit time energy savings of more than 40%, if you want to save energy performance is better, it is recommended to choose T5 tube.

4. The environmental difference between LED tubes T5 and T8

In terms of environmental protection, the T5 fluorescent tube uses a new technology – the use of rare-earth trichromatic phosphors, resulting in a lower loss rate. If we compare the life span of T8 and T5 tubes, the life span of T5 tubes is longer. Therefore, T5 lamps are more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly than T8 lamps.

How to choose the suitable LED tube?

When choosing an LED tube, we can decide from the required installation site, the required luminosity and the required color temperature.

Because of the smaller size of the T5 LED tube, the brightness generated when energized is also smaller, so the T8 light tube is brighter. T8 and T5 tube in the use and place is also different, T8 LED tube is generally used in public space, factories, hospitals and other large places, while T5 tube is generally used in home decoration more. And in actual use, the thin lamp is easier to conceal, the use of the occasion is also more flexible, which is why the T5 tube get designers use.

The color temperature is also a selection factor, different color temperatures will give rise to different emotional responses, so different places will be based on the color temperature to choose the light tube.

Color temperature is expressed in terms of absolute temperature K, and is divided into three categories.

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  • 1. Warm light: warm light color temperature below 3300K, warm light and incandescent light color is similar.

Warm light has more red components, bringing warmth, health and comfort, more suitable for use in families, homes, dormitories, hospitals, hotels and other places, or where the temperature is relatively low.

  • 2. Cool White light: also known as the middle color, its color temperature is between 3300K to 5300K.

White light is soft, so that people have a peaceful, comfortable and pleasant feeling, more suitable for hospitals, hotels, offices, stores, restaurants and other places.

  • 3. Nature light: also known as daylight color, its color temperature is above 5300K.

The light source of cool light is closer to natural light, which gives people a bright feeling and makes them concentrate easily, and is more suitable for classrooms, design rooms, meeting rooms, offices, drawing rooms, library reading rooms, exhibition windows, etc.

Since T5 is an energy-saving luminaire, its luminosity is closer to daylight, while T8 is an old-fashioned fluorescent lamp, its luminosity is closer to warm light. Therefore, when choosing a luminaire, you can consider the four directions of size, luminosity, energy consumption and environmental protection, and then decide which type of luminaire to use according to the required luminosity and color temperature of each installation site.

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