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LED Bulb lamps are the most widely used lighting fixtures in the daily home, both alone as a lighting fixture decorative space, and also can be perfectly matched with a variety of lamps to achieve different home decorating styles, coupled with its easy installation, very popular in the market.

Quality bulb lamp for quality requirements is not as simple as imagined, professional bulb manufacturers will not be because the bulb lamp belongs to the bare lamps, and ignore its technical processing, this can be seen from the professional bulb lamp manufacturers IMPRESS lighting LED bulb, a good bulb lamp must be both lighting and eye protection function, in order to win the recognition of the market.

Impress led A19 bulbs lights
LED bulb lamp
Impress led A19 bulbs lights

Impress LED bulb lamp—270 ° ultra-wide luminous, illuminate all corners of the room

The IMPRESS A SERIES LED bulb lamp uses a high-performance PC light-transmitting lampshade with a 270-degree light-emitting angle plus a new flexible curved light projection design, whether installed in the study or living room, independently as a lighting fixture or with a lampshade, to ensure the maximum range of light, providing a bright and comfortable environment for the eyes.

Current stability and high color rendering, creating a healthy and comfortable light environment

In addition to the brightness and lighting range of the bulb lamp having a greater impact on the living environment, its color rendering, and current stability is also critical to our lives. A high-quality bulb lamp will ensure stable current through the circuit structure design, to avoid damage to the eyes by video flash.

Our LED bulb lamp through the professional optical circuit design anti-surge, can filter large voltage, stable current, intelligent IC constant current drive to suppress current fluctuations, effectively prevent the occurrence of visible strobe, truly no video flicker, to protect eye health. Plus up to 90 color rendering index, can restore the true color of objects, to create a comfortable and soft light environment.

Both practical and beautiful, creating diverse bulb use scenarios

The current stall economy is hot, IMPRESS also launched a special stall, camping use of the exquisite LED bulb light, USB charging with the charge, a key touch control, three dimmings, and low light up to 18 hours. Continuously pressed for 5 seconds flashing, press again will appear SOS flashing function, easy to deal with outdoor emergencies, as a family emergency light is also very good.

The internal structure of a good bulb lamp needs to be professionally designed, and the external selection of materials also needs to go through a strict screening. IMPRESS, as an optical expert focusing on the development and application of lighting technology, is able to stand out from many bulb lamp manufacturers precisely by virtue of its experience gained from plowing the industry for nearly 15 years, ensuring that it keeps pace with the times in technology development and product design, keeping up with market development, constantly upgrading product performance, and conquering the market with professionalism.

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