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LED Panel Light Round 12w, square led downlights

Impress LED integrated ceiling lights to use only 12W while delivering 1200 lumens, instant full brightness even in sub-zero temperatures, and relatively cool operating performance, integrated LED fixtures to eliminate the need for bulb replacement.

  • Color rendering index≥80
  • The soft light effect is not harsh
  • Layers of design details
  • Compatible with different spaces
  • Warm and ambient feeling
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LED Panel Light Round 12w Square led Downlights Advantage

  • Two styles to choose from, the round/square led downlights, suitable for a variety of places, fashionable and versatile.
  • The commercial led downlights luminaire has a choice of color temperatures, giving you the option of a relaxing soft warm color (3000K), white (5000K), or cool white (6500K).
  • Our ultra-thin, low-profile, bright, direct-emitting LED integrated ceiling lights provides uniform light distribution; the mercury-free, stylish, versatile luminaire can be mounted in-ceiling recesses, used as a wall sconce, or 6-inch led recessed lighting for sloped ceiling.
  • LED technology: Impress LED integrated ceiling lights to use only 12W while delivering 1200 lumens; instant full brightness even in sub-zero temperatures and relatively cool operating performance; integrated LED fixtures to eliminate the need for bulb replacement.
  • Quality Assurance: 3 years unlimited warranty, easy and fast replacement if there are any quality issues.

Impress 12w Recessed LED Panel Light Specification

InstallationRecessed conceal
LED chipSMD 2835/3030
Light directionDownlight
LED luminaire efficacy100lm/w
Input voltageAC 85~265V
Input frequency50/60Hz
DriverFixed output
Beam angle120°
Color temperature6500k/5000k/3000k
Rated life40000hrs
Warranty3 years
Housing MaterialPlastic + PC Cover
Housing shapeRound/Square
DimensionL: 120mm*W: 120mm*H: 30mm


Impress Commercial LED Downlights FAQ

Q1. which led light is best for a false ceiling?

A: At present, many Chinese workshops produce led ceiling lights inside the lamp are imitation of the old fluorescent tubes to make round or square led tubes, so the ceiling lights made into incestuous, uneven illumination and the existence of shadows, which is the sadness of the led lighting industry, that’s why the domestic small workshop led lights factory R&D capabilities so poor. Impress to do this ceiling light is not directly to use led made into a lamp, but directly designed led arrangement and optics, there is no light inside, the overall very good!

Q2. What is the best-led ceiling light?

A: Do concept that LED lights are environmentally friendly doesn’t need to consider the quality, in fact, the quality also has many indicators, we must know performance when we buy to check whether it is up to the standards in consideration.

  • The good and bad indicators of led lights: Angle, brightness, color (wavelength) consistency, anti-static ability, anti-attenuation ability, etc.
  • LED chips assembly material: LED chips material is the direct factor of the led light good or bad, is also the most basic factor, led light is a combination of several major materials, a good led light must be a combination of all assembly materials and production technology.
  • LED sealing technology: Generally fully automatic equipment assembly is better than manual, the level of sealing technology is also the main factor of the good or bad, the same material different manufacturers produce lights with great differences.

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