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6w cob LED downlight, round/square concealed ceiling panel white light

Our 6w cob LED downlight supports a wider range of voltage: 85-265V, Constant current drive, and drive-bearing balance voltage, by controlling the current-voltage performance is stable so that the lamp lives longer.

  • Slim light body
  • Large angle lighting beam
  • Delicate, comfortable, and natural
  • Let you see real colors
  • Trust the brand guarantee
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6w COB LED Downlight Advantage

  • Two styles to choose from: round panel light led, square led panel light, suitable for a variety of places, fashionable and versatile, belong to small led ceiling lights.
  • Aluminum PCB so that the commercial LED downlight better heat dissipation, light beads more durable light decay effect is better.
  • High-transmission PC cover, the choice of high-quality cover, the light transmission rate is strong, no direct vision harsh light, soft and comfortable.
  • Constant current drive, drive bearing balance voltage, by controlling the current-voltage performance is stable, so that the small led ceiling lights life longer. Support a wide voltage: 85-265V
  • Quality Assurance: 3-year unlimited warranty, easy and fast replacement if there are any quality issues.

Impress 6w Commercial LED Downlight Specification

InstallationRecessed conceal
LED chipSMD 2835/3030
Light directionDownlight
LED luminaire efficacy100lm/w
Input voltageAC 85~265V
Input frequency50/60Hz
DriverFixed output
Beam angle120°
Color temperature6500k/5000k/3000k
Rated life40000hrs
Warranty3 years
Housing MaterialPlastic + PC Cover
Housing shapeRound/Square
DimensionL: 95mm*W: 95mm*H: 30mm


Impress LED Downlights FAQ

Q. How to fix flickering LED downlight?
  1. LED downlight flickering frequently may be a driver’s fault. For example, if the driver is too big and the LED beads can not withstand the high electricity supply, so it will flicker. You can remove the LED downlight, open the housing, and then replace the LED driver. If the driver is damaged, please replace it with a professional to avoid more serious damage to the LED downlight as a result of incorrect operation.
  2.  After a long time of service, the aging of the LED beads also might cause them to flicker. You can disassemble the LED housing, check which LED bead is faulty on the LED board with an electric pen, and then replace the damaged bead. When replacing the LED beads, please don’t damage the aluminum PCB. The new beads must be firmly fixed on the aluminum board.
  3.  The wrong connection of fire and zero wires makes it flicker frequently. We can remove the switch first. The switch and the wire are firmly connected. Loosen the screws at the junction and reconnect the fire and zero wires. We can distinguish the fire and zero wires by the color of the wire insulation, if we can’t distinguish the color, we can use a universal meter to detect and distinguish.
  4. LED downlight frequent flickering also be due to poor heat dissipation of the light. You can replace the lampshade with better heat dissipation, or we can apply heat dissipation material on the lampshade to enhance the heat dissipation of the lamp.
  5. In addition, unstable voltage can also cause to flicker. We can install a voltage regulator to stabilize the home voltage.


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