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Impress 60W LED Tube Light, tri proof light manufacturer

IMPRESS 60w LED tube light is commercial, engineering lighting selection, bright and soft not shaking eyes, store commercial recommended.

  • Long-term use is not easy to aging
  • Soft and even light, no eye damage
  • Hard and strong shell, not easy to deformation
  • Fast heat dissipation, lightweight
  • Ultra-bright, extra power saving, no flicker
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60w LED Tube Light Advantage

  • LED batten 60w – Redefine high brightness lamp, high brightness beyond your imagination: high brightness and energy-saving, project quality, tri-proof design.
  • Impress tri proof light manufacturer: Commercial, engineering lighting selection, bright and soft not shaking eyes, store commercial recommended.
  • Multi-bead design with high-transmittance PC lampshade 180° large surface light transmission irradiation, providing factory, workshop, store, home decoration, More bright and abundant light.
  • No video flash, healthy soft light, constant current power drive, suppress current fluctuations, filtering high current Suppress strobe, protect the eyes. 
  • One top three, more atmosphere and space-saving. Foot tile, not false label, adheres to the integrity of the bottom line. Three anti-seal designs, insect/dust/vapor, thickened aluminum alloy base, anti-corrosion, and rust.
  • 4ft LED batten light application: classrooms, shelves, supermarkets, clean rooms, fruit stores, florists, digital stores, etc.

The Highest Watt LED Tube Light Specification

LED chipSMD 2835
LED luminaire efficacy110lm/w
Input voltageAC 120~265V
Input frequency50/60Hz
DriverFixed output
Beam angle180°
Color temperature6500k/5000k/3000k
Rated life40000hrs
Warranty2 years
Housing MaterialAluminum + PC Cover
DimensionL: 1200mm*W: 75mm*H: 30mm


Impress LED Tube Light FAQ

Q1. Are led tube light best for commercial buildings?

A: Industrial office lighting, like general office lighting, requires comfortable illumination, uniformity, good color rendering, and minimal glare. IMPRESS Lighting offers a full range of indoor office lightings such as LED bulb, LED tube light, LED downlights, and LED panel lights. Please check here for your commercial Lighting.

Q2. How many watts does a led tube light use?

A: Normal led tube light from 9w~30w, Impress LED tube lights from 12watts up to 60watts.

The fluorescent lamp luminous efficiency of ordinary fluorescent lamps is about 53 lm/w, LED tube lights (diffusion cover) is about 90 lumens/w, IMPRESS using high-efficiency lampshade can be as high as 110 lumens/watt, and LED white light chip luminous efficiency is still improving, the experimental grade chip has been 150 lm/w or more, its theoretical maximum value of 450 lumens/w.

Traditional fluorescent lamps are all-round (360 °) luminous, a large part of the waste in the back, the actual amount of total light used for lighting only 60% ~ 65%; general LED fluorescent lamps luminous angle in 120° ~ 180°, Impress’s LED TUBE LIGHT full series luminous angle 180°, All are effective light!

Q3. Which fields is mainly used in LED Tri Proof light, Purification Light?

A: Impress is one of top experience the LED Tri proof light manufacture in China, LED tri proof light, purification light used in the following scenes mostly:

  • Hospital, the current hospital lighting from the previous t8, clean light panel, fluorescent lamps gradually changed to purification flat panel lights.
  • School, school and hospital lighting, as led industry use of anti-glare, ultraviolet and blue light technology breakthroughs, school application led flat panel lights will be more common.
  • Clean room, clean room room clean industry decoration specifications are introduced, lighting applications more use led purification lamps.
  • Food factory, food factory requirements are relatively high, need to consider the temperature, humidity, illumination, dust, moisture, insect-proof light great requirements can only use led flat panel lights.
  • Hotels, companies, furniture lights will also be used.


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