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22W T8 Oval 4ft LED Tube Light, cheap led tube lights

4ft led tube light made in China, We are committed to the original intention, real materials, and high quality only to bring the bright business light, IMPRESS LED Lighting – we sell quality and reputation.

  • 130g strong aluminum case
  • 22w popular 4ft LED tube light
  • Width voltage for multi-market
  • Quality assurance
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Impress T8 Oval 4ft LED Tube Light Advantage

  • Impress T8 oval 4ft led tube light 22w replace 40W fluorescent tubes and provide higher lumens than fluorescent.  1.2 m white led light tube Ideal for office, assembly hall, factory, garage, supermarket, best led tube light for home.
  • Double ended led tube lights turn on/off instantly without flicker. The long service life of at least 5 years reduces maintenance costs by reaching hard-to-reach areas. Environmentally friendly. Contains no mercury and no lead. Easy to handle. No UV (Ultraviolet) or IR (Infrared) light. Please contact us for wholesale price list!
  • Energy-saving. Efficient output. Save 80% off electricity costs used for lighting compared to traditional fluorescent.
  • We are committed to the original intention, real materials, and high quality only to bring the bright business light, IMPRESS lighting- we sell quality and reputation.


4ft LED Tube Light Oval T8 22w Specification 

LED chipSMD 2835
LED luminaire efficacy140lm/w
LED Tube power22w
Replacement watts40w
Input voltageAC 85~265V
Input frequency50/60Hz
DriverFixed output
Beam angle120°
Color temperature6500k/5000k/3000k
Rated life40000hrs
Warranty3 years
Housing MaterialAluminum + PC Cover
BaseG13 Bi-Pin
End capT8/T5
DimensionØ 30*1200mm


Impress Lighting LED Tube Lights FAQ

Q1. Do led tube lights flicker?

A: LED tube lights sold on the market is generally not flicker! If there is a flickering need to check the following reasons.

  • May be the cause of the driver.
  • Resistance reasons.
  1. Drive power supply is bad, as long as the replacement on another good drive power supply, it does not flicker.
  2. If the driver has over-temperature protection function, and the material heat dissipation performance of the light can not meet the requirements, the driver over-temperature protection began to work will also have a flickering phenomenon, for example: 20W floodlight housing used to assemble 30W light, heat dissipation work is not done will be so.
  3. If the outdoor lighting also has a strobe a bright, that is the light into the water. The consequences are flickering and then not working. The LED beads and drivers are bad, the driver waterproof do a good job, it is just bad light beads, replace the light source can be.
Q2. How to dispose of led light tubes?

A: LEDs can be disposed of with other trash or find a recycling facility to collect them. They do not contain mercury, but some of them contain metals, such as aluminum, copper, nickel and lead. Most countries do not require you to recycle LEDs, but if you want them to be put to good use, you can start by collecting as many used LED tubes as possible. Our company(Impress Energy) does recycle used LED tubes, so if you have this need, you can contact us on how to recycle LED tubes, as your regular recycling center is not always able to handle them.

Our common recycled led tubes are 48 inch LED shop light tube, 4ft led tube light for home, 2ft/5ft tube led light aluminum types!

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