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Impress 18W LED Bulb A80, 2500lm China bulb led white light

IMPRESS A80 18w LED bulb light provides 2500lm of full-spectrum illumination, equivalent to 180w of incandescent light. These 18 watt LED bulbs fit standard medium base (E27) luminaires and have the look and feel of a classic bulb.

  • A+ Energy-saving
  • Super bright
  • Best value
  • Convenient installation
  • Long lifetime
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Impress 18 watt LED Bulb Advantage

  • A+ energy-saving: IMPRESS A80 18w LED bulb provides 2500 lumens of full-spectrum illumination, equivalent to 180 watts of incandescent light. These bulbs fit standard medium base (E27/B22) luminaires and have the look and feel of a classic bulb. Just mail us for the best wholesale 18 watt led bulb price.
  • Super bright: At 6500 Kelvin, these 18W led bulbs provide bright and spacious lighting with excellent clarity and a high color rendering index (CRI), ideal for project and task lighting as well as illuminating larger spaces.
  • Best value: These best-in-class Energy Star IMPRESS LED lighting to provide stable, natural lighting that is 1/4 the energy of incandescent lamps and 1/2 the energy of halogen lamps, with 10 times the life and 4 times the life, respectively. IMPRESS LEDs contain no mercury and therefore do not contribute to hazardous waste.
  • Convenient installation: The A80-150 18 watt led bulb is perfect for spaces where you need cool, bright lighting with minimal brightness. The E27 base is suitable for standard fixtures in pendants, vanities, and bare lights.
  • Long lifetime: This 18w LED bulb lamp provides 40,000 hours and 30+ years of life based on the standard use of 3 hours per day, saving you the cost and hassle of frequent lamp replacement. Asking us for an updated LED bulb kit price list!


Impress 18w LED Bulb Specification 

Bulb typeA shape LED bulb
LED chipSMD 2835
LED luminaire efficacy140lm/w
LED Tube power18w
Wattage replacement180w
Input voltageAC 120~265V
Input frequency50/60Hz
DriverFixed output
Beam angle220°
Color temperature6500k/5000k/3000k
Rated life40000hrs
Warranty2 years
Housing MaterialPlastic with Aluminum
Cap typeE27/B22
DimensionØ 80*150mm


A21 LED Bulb Light FAQ

Q1. What is the A21 bulb?

A: Commonly used LED bulbs are: Type A, B, C, G, R, T, European bulbs Base – E14, E27. which, the UK can also use B15, B22; North American bulbs Base Type – E12, E17, E26. E-Edison (Edison type screw mouth); B- Bayonet (bayonet).

The usual method of expression for light bulbs: the letters indicating the type plus Arabic numerals, for example, A19 bulb, A21 bulb, B10 bulb, C7 bulb, G25 bulb, S11, T8 …, where the numbers indicate the approximate diameter of the bulb, such as A21 bulb diameter D = 21×1/8″, and then multiplied by 25.4 that is, in mm as the unit of light bulb diameter.

Current Impress LED bulb only focus on A type LED Bulb with different size!


Q2. Can you use led bulbs in low voltage lighting?

A: LED is a DC light-emitting device, generally single lamp beads are low-voltage, through different power supply driver modules, can be applied to different voltage occasions, from 3V DC to 220V AC, or even higher voltage can be, the general low-voltage bubble refers to 36V or less, while the high-voltage bubble is 60V or more.

The middle of the low-voltage bubble may be LED or not LED bulbs; LED bulbs may be high-voltage or low-voltage.

Therefore, if the choice belongs to the low-voltage LED bulb lights can be used in low-voltage lighting completely.


Q3. Light bulb A19 vs A21

A: A19 Type LED bulb means the dimension is 60mm, we give name as A60 bulb light led, normal for IMPRESS 5w led bulb and 7w LED bulb;

 A21 LED bulb means the dimension is 65mm, we call A65 led bulb also, IMPRESS produce this type only with 9w led bulb.


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