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Impress 180W LED street light, outdoor led street lights

IMPRESS 180w LED street light have widely used on highways, main roads, branch roads, parks, squares, gardens reason, pedestrian streets, parking lots, streets, districts, factories, schools, and various residential communities, courtyards, and other road lighting.

  • 2835/3030 high brightness LED chips
  • Waterproof IP66
  • Mature supply chain assurance
  • Customized model service

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Impress 180w LED Street Light Supplier Advantage

  • Commercial LED street lights widely used on highways, main roads, branch roads, parks, squares, gardens reason, pedestrian streets, parking lots, streets, districts, factories, schools and various residential communities, courtyards, and another road lighting.
  • IMPRESS outdoor led street lights series, with full power heat dissipation, high luminous efficiency, high brightness, isolated wide voltage certification drive, lightning protection 5KV, waterproof led street light IP66, and other characteristics.
  • Design concept: High brightness 3030/2835 light source, the whole light effect 130-150lm, tool-free maintenance clips, convenient more quickly overhaul, maintenance, can be retrofitted with a flight controller, automatic light at night, automatic extinguishing during the day, the bracket angle can be adjusted, vertical light pole, the solitary light pole can be used.


180w LED Street Light Specification

LED chipSMD 2835/3030
LED luminaire efficacy150lm/w
Input voltageAC 85~265V
Input frequency50/60Hz
DriverFixed output
Color temperature6500k/5000k/3000k
Rated life40000hrs
Warranty5 years
Housing MaterialAluminum + Glass
Body ColorBlack/Grey
Ingress protectionIP66


Outdoor LED Street Lights FAQ

Q1.Why LED street light will flicker?

A:  Outdoor Led street lights flicker after power on the reason.

  • First, the LED driver power supply failure, buy a new one to replace it.
  • Second, poor contact, you can check the plug, wire joints and other places to check. The output DC power contains AC components (that is, insufficient rectification or current instability caused by interference.
  • Third, the output voltage of the power supply is too low, or the light bar part of the lamp beads damaged resulting in unstable power supply. led lights very small current to light, the relay contact is disconnected, capacitive absorption circuit in parallel at both ends of the contact there is a weak current flow, the current is small, so that the LED lights out of the pro-mediated ignition state, so the LED lights will flicker.
Q2. How many lumens is a led street light?

A: This mainly depends on your solar street light single led beads is how many lumens per w, followed by how the light reflector of the steet lamps, generally speaking, according to 70% of the light rate, the number of lumens in 6500 to 8000 or so! It is recommended that high-power led light source using 1w per light source do not use the integrated module light source (cob), heat dissipation is not good, more light decay, but is the future trend of lighting.


Q3. LED high-power street lights are really stable?

A: Currently, the technology of LED street lights still depends on the following factors.
1. The quality of LED beads. Good LED chips, stability is not a problem at all.
2. Outdoor LED street lights power supply. For example, with Meanwell power supply, stability, quality, reliability is no problem. But the poor power supply is simply fatal.
3. LED street light aluminum housing heat dissipation area is large enough. This also directly affects the stability, life.
4. the waterproof led street light performance.


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