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15W T8 LED Tube Light Oval, tube led light fixtures

Our 4ft (1.2m) 15w T8 LED tube light features an oval plastic cover & oval aluminum casing to reduce the risk of breakage and heat. The lamp end is made with a flame retardant core to avoid the risk of fire from accidental short circuits.

  • Easy installation
  • Energy saving
  • Super bright
  • Safety guarantee
  • Quality assurance
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Impress 15w T8 LED Tube Light Advantage

  • Easy installation: Single tube led light fixtures ideal for replacing F18 T8 F20 T10 F20 T12/CW fluorescent lamps, double-ended power supply, existing ballasts need to be disassembled or removed row by row, can replace the traditional T8 T10 T12 fluorescent tube light.
  • Energy-saving: Save 60% on your electricity bill! Replace 30W fluorescent tubes with 15W t8 LED tube light. Long life of over 40,000 hours (13 years, 8 hours/day).
  • Super bright: LED tube lighting fixtures with high-quality LED chip. Continuous high brightness up to 140LM/W, no flicker, no noise, no pollution, no glass. Such as cabinet counter, and storage room.
  • Safety guarantee: Our 4 feet LED tube light feature an oval plastic cover & oval aluminum casing to reduce the risk of breakage and heat. The lamp end is made with a flame retardant core to avoid the risk of fire from accidental short circuits.
  • Impress LED tube light factories quality assurance: 3-year unlimited warranty, easy and fast replacement if there are any quality issues.

15w T8 LED Tube Light Specification 

LED chipSMD 2835
LED luminaire efficacy140lm/w
LED Tube power15w
Replacement watts30w
Input voltageAC 85~265V
Input frequency50/60Hz
DriverFixed output
Beam angle120°
Color temperature6500k/5000k/3000k
Rated life40000hrs
Warranty3 years
Housing MaterialAluminum + PC Cover
BaseG13 Bi-Pin
End capT8/T5
DimensionØ 30*1200mm


LED Tube lighting vs fluorescent FAQ

Q1. What differents of led tube lighting vs fluorescent?

A: Different luminous principle, different efficiency and different life span.

Fluorescent lamp: there is thin mercury vapor inside the lamp, and the mercury vapor emits strong ultraviolet light after the breakdown of the conductivity, and the ultraviolet light strikes the phosphor on the inner wall of the lamp, which excites the phosphor to emit soft white light. Because this white light is close to the color temperature of daylight, it is commonly known as “fluorescent light”. It can be seen that fluorescent lamps have two energy conversion links —- electrical energy into ultraviolet energy, ultraviolet energy into visible light energy. Due to the high overall energy conversion efficiency, fluorescent lamps are more energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs and are cold light sources.

LED tube light: using gallium arsenide semiconductor diodes, light when energized, can be highly efficient direct conversion of electricity into light energy, photoelectric conversion efficiency than fluorescent lamps are also higher.

Life expectancy, the shortest traditional incandescent bulbs, maximum one thousand hours, fluorescent lamps can reach thousands of hours, LED tube light is almost permanent, 50,000 or even 100,000 hours can be reached.


Q2. What types LED tube light normal?

A: Led tubes are generally referred to t8 led tube lights, they’re used to replace the traditional fluorescent tube, in terms of length and the traditional fluorescent tube, there are 0.6m, 0.9m, 1.2m these three specifications. Impress LED tube light factories mainly supply 4 feet led tube lights!

There is another called led integrated tube, also called led bracket light. This length and the same as above, led bracket lights are generally used in newly renovated places, the price is relatively T8 led tube lights expensive, because led t8 tube lights don’t shelf, before. Just change a light source.

Lightning led T5 bracket lights are led tubes and shelves as a whole, all relative to this led full set to be more expensive.


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