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Impress 12W LED Bulb A70, white led light bulb 120W replacement

IMPRESS 12W LED bulb brightness of up to 1680 lumens, equivalent to 120W incandescent, halogen, CFL, can save up to 88% of the electricity bill.

  • Energy-saving
  • 36 years long life
  • Easy installation
  • Quality & Safety
  • Broad Usage
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Impress 12w LED Bulb Manufacturing Advantage

  • Energy-saving: IMPRESS 12W LED bulb brightness of up to 1680 lumens, equivalent to 120W incandescent, halogen, CFL, can save up to 88% of the electricity bill.
  • 36 years long life: The life of this 12w LED bulb is 40,000 hours (lasts 22 years – 3 hours/day), no need to replace the bulb.
  • Easy installation: Standard A19 shape with E27 medium screw base, mount the bulb directly into all E27 screw base fixtures. Do not use the dimmer switch.
  • Quality & Safety: No preheat time, no flicker, no UV or IR, high color rendering (CRI>80) to provide vivid natural colors, and care for your eyes.
  • Broad Usage: Cool white 6500K and 220° wide beam angle white LED light bulb to create a comfortable atmosphere. Suitable for table and floor lamps, bedroom, hallway, or ceiling lights for general lighting and interior lighting.

LED Bulb 12w Specification 

Bulb typeA shape LED bulb
LED chipSMD 2835
LED luminaire efficacy140lm/w
LED Tube power12w
Wattage replacement120w
Input voltageAC 120~265V
Input frequency50/60Hz
DriverFixed output
Beam angle220°
Color temperature6500k/5000k/3000k
Rated life40000hrs
Warranty2 years
Housing MaterialPlastic with Aluminum
Cap typeE27/B22
DimensionØ 70*135mm


LED Bulb Manufacturing FAQ

Q1. Why do led light bulbs flicker?

A: Light decay, aging electronic components, driver failure, and poor contact with the switching power supply circuit, all of which can cause the bulb to flicker.

    • Reason 1: light decay caused by the light bulb, light-emitting diodes in a longer period of time in the use of engineering, will inevitably appear this phenomenon.
    • Cause 2: the aging of electronic components may also cause the light bulb has been flashing, such as circuit boards among the capacitors are the most easily damaged.
    • Reason 3: the driver failure, driver damage resulting in voltage instability. As LED lights are used in constant current and constant voltage light source, once the driver is damaged will cause this situation.
    • Reason 4: The light switch power at the line contact is poor, resulting in the bulb has been flicker.
Q2. Are led light bulbs hot?

A: LED is a cold light source, but only refers to the light-emitting principle of L ED alone, does not mean that LED does not generate heat, so that LED bulbs hot, and not because of quality problems, this is a normal phenomenon.

LED light is a piece of electronically emitted semiconductor material chip, in fact, there is also a part of the electrical energy in the conversion process into heat, because of this IMPRESS led bulbs are equipped with aluminum heat sink, some metal lamp housing acts as a heat sink, so its temperature is relatively high.


Q3. Are E26 and E27 base bulbs interchangeable?

A: E26 is half a spiral less than E27, the former is 110V, the latter is 220-240V, although there will not be much difference in the use, but if E26 is used in European countries must have a short life, easy to produce unpredictable hazards.

E26 and E27 are not only different in appearance, E26 usually have a connection line, but E27 is usually through the threaded terminal to connect the wire; the two are different standards of the lampholder, E26 is the American standard system, E27 is based on the IEC standard system.

So before purchasing IMPRESS 12w led bulbs, you need to confirm with our sales staff which bulb base is suitable for your market.


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