LED lights are not the brighter the better, pick LED lights but also look at this!

LED lights are not the brighter the better, The application of LED lights in the home space has become more and more common, but for the choice of LED lights, there are still misconceptions in the minds of some netizens. That the brighter the LED lights, the better, here the “brighter the better” refers to both the quality of the lamps themselves but also refers to the illumination requirements of the space.

In order to interpret these misconceptions, I elaborate on two aspects: the quality of the LED lamps and lanterns themselves to identify the standard and the illumination requirements of the home space lighting fixtures.

Is the brighter the LED light itself, the better?

In the lighting market, we can easily find that for some famous brands of LED bulbs, one may want fifty to sixty dollars, while for some unknown brands of LED bulbs, maybe to a dozen dollars, and the latter’s brightness is also higher than the former. This is why, is it that the latter is good value for money. Of course not!

There are many reference factors for us to choose an LED lamp (bulb). For example, wattage, luminous efficacy, color temperature, color rendering index, service life, strobe, etc. (Luminous efficacy: commonly understood, is the ability to convert electricity into light, the same wattage, the higher the luminous efficacy, the higher the illumination brought, the current luminous efficacy of LED lights between 60-160lm/w)

LED lights are not the brighter the better

For example, different two brands of LED lights (bubble), in other conditions are the same, the higher the luminous efficacy and color rendering the better, the lower the strobe the better.

For example, the appearance of the same, the same wattage and color rendering of two different brands of LED bulbs, luminous efficiency is 60lm/w, one is 120lm/w, which means that the latter can bring more light in the same energy consumption.

Of course, as we mentioned earlier, there are many factors to look at when choosing lamps. For example, the living room and study need to be brighter, the dining room needs high color rendering, the bedroom needs warm yellow light, etc.

How many watts of LED lights are suitable for each space in the home?

Impressmart LED lighting

Living room LED lights: 60-150w, illumination 100-300LX, color temperature mainly warm white light, color rendering Ra>80 can be.

Bedroom LED lights: 13-50w, illumination 75-150LX, color temperature mainly warm yellow light, color rendering Ra>80 can be.

Kitchen LED lights: 3-38w, illumination 100-150LX, color temperature mainly white light, color rendering Ra>80 can be.

LED lights for the elderly room: 25-100w, illumination 85-250LX, color temperature mainly warm white, color rendering Ra>90 can be.

Children’s room LED lights: 13-70w, illumination 75-180LX, color temperature mainly warm yellow light, color rendering Ra>80 can be.

Above are the LED lighting wattage recommendations for each space at home, and not the brighter the better. Of course, we recommend the wattage of lamps is based on the bare light source, you can increase or decrease the wattage according to the lampshade material, and shading degree at home.

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