It looks same LED lamps why do some sell a $5 and some are $50+?

In the article “8 factors lead to LED lights price varying widely”, the author introduced 8 ways to correctly select LED lights. For example, how to choose a reliable LED light from these perspectives: wire, light efficiency, heat dissipation, and workmanship.

Well, recently some customers have asked us again!

“It looks same LED lamps why some sell $5 and some $50? What exactly is the difference?”

Following, the author through their own experience and collection of information, summed up the following LED lights as the main reason for the difference between the sky and the earth.

Reason one: brand grade

For example, the appearance looks precisely the same as two LED lamps, which may simply due to is the difference in brand, resulting in their final price difference lot. Why, because the big brands of products have a more rigorous production process, the second in addition to the problem your after-sales service is more secure. Of course, the cost of high quality, good service, is to be counted on the head of the consumer.

And although small factories can do the same, due to the lack of personnel support, production process control is not strict, relatively easy to problems, and the probability of getting a fast and effective after-sales service is also relatively low.

Reason 2: supply source differences

Two identical appearances of LED lights, some brands (not specifically named) can make two appearances, but the internal core of a certain difference in the light (in fact, this phenomenon is widespread in many industries), not professional you, and where you can see it?

Then again, it is easier to understand some, e-commerce channels because they can be shipped directly from the manufacturer, eliminating the intermediate layers of distribution agent profits, and the price will be relatively low.

But remember, as long as the same brand of the same product, if one of the prices are too low, such as the official buy 500, another buy 100, I believe that how to promote, concessions, genuine products will not exist such low prices.

Reason 3: Performance differences.

1, Brightness, luminous efficiency
In layman’s terms, the same wattage of LED lamps, who is brighter! General regular brand of LED bulb instructions or on the outer box is clearly marked with lumens (lm) to express the higher the number of lumens, the brighter the light, the more expensive.

2, Anti-static ability
Usually anti-static greater than 700V LED can be used for LED lighting, for poor quality “three no products”, they are estimated to have no anti-static ability.

3, Wavelength
Production of LED lights, you need to use a called LED spectroscopic colorimeter, so as to ensure that the wavelength of the light line is consistent, and ultimately to ensure that the light played out evenly good-looking. And some of the poor LED lights, maybe in the production process, skipped this step, the effect can be imagined.

4, Leakage current
Leakage refers to the fact that, as LED is a one-way conductive luminous body, when there is a reverse current that exists, the industry is called leakage. Leakage current is large LED, short life, the price is naturally low. One can be used for three years, one can be used for ten years, which you say is expensive?

5, Luminous angle
This point we ordinary home users may not encounter, but for engineering lights, is often taken into account this issue. The use of different LEDs’ luminous angles is not the same. Special light-emitting angle, the price is higher. Such as full diffuse angle, full light distribution, 360 ° luminous, etc., the price is higher.

6, Lifetime
This is not explained, the length of service life is directly proportional to the price.

7, The brand and power of the LED chip
The chip is the core of the LED lighting, equivalent to the CPU of the computer. different brands of chips, the price difference can sometimes be very large. Generally speaking, in Japan, and the United States chips are more expensive, and Taiwan and China’s local manufacturers of LED chips prices are slightly lower.

LED Lights become dark
It looks same LED lamps why do some sell a $5 and some are $50?

Generally speaking, the quality of a single chip high-power chip LED is better than a small chip, the price is proportional to the size of the chip power. But the integration can not be the same, integrated is more than 1W or less than 1W chip composition, compared to single stable life is not as long.

PS: If you are going to buy the lamps, packaging or instructions do not indicate the above-mentioned brightness, light efficiency, luminous angle, color temperature, and other parameters, then, decisively change a store, change the brand.

Of course, it does not mean that we must buy expensive to be good, but suitable, enough on the line.

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