Is it really that the damage caused by blue light is irreversible?

Does an actual eye protection lamp exist that The necessity of fixture replacement for sports lighting?

blue light irreversible

Is the damage by the blue light irreversible?

Obviously, in most ordinary led lamps under the banner of eye protection lights, the actual quality of the light source is also uneven, and the true effectiveness of eye protection may also be minimal.

Most eye protection lights will display a large pile of data and professional analysis while ignoring the real demands of consumers, this article will start from the consumer’s point of view, from the eye vision health, to explain the dangers of blue light and strobe.

From the sports lighting point of view, the current sports lighting is still not perfect and is in need of a comprehensive change.

Impress as early as 10 years ago contact sports lighting, is considered its pioneering generation, is also in the golden generation!
Sports lighting products from the earlier emphasis on brightness,
See a lot of venue products are the existence of module collocation and light distribution ratio of unreasonable problems.
And now the youth and children’s sports time increased!
The health of sports lighting needs to be re-examined!
So most of the old-style lighting in sports venues is necessary to replace lamps.

In fact, most consumers generally agreed that the harm of LED lights is blue light and strobe.

Some time ago the hot search # blue light caused by the damage is irreversible, many people will think it is a rumor, and the fact is that blue light is penetrating the eye surface layer directly on the retina damage, in the long-term exposure to blue light hazards, will cause irreversible harm to vision, which is not alarmist.

Flickering is the working principle of the lamps to a relatively high frequency flashing, the general human eye is unable to identify, as long as the strobe in the 24HZ (or 28HZ) above, you can not see, this is because of the “visual retention” reason, specific can go to Baidu under the “visual retention “. We watch movies is also the principle.

3 years ago we did tests, now often used tungsten lamps, fluorescent lamps (fluorescent tubes, CFLs), and LED lights have been tested a lot, there is no one light source is absolutely no flicker, many people think that tungsten lamps do not have flash, in fact, the test results are below 60W tungsten most of them have the flicker.

Relatively speaking, in now 2022 most LED lights have no obvious strobe, in fact, most of the strobe is the driver of the circuit caused by the previous, LED lights highly competitive era, most manufacturers are only concerned about the price war, the pursuit of cost-effective and ignore the problem of strobe, now health issues are gradually being paid attention to unless a small number of bad business.

For ordinary consumers, you can use a simple method (inaccurate, but very good implementation) to detect. Use the phone’s video function or photo function, shine a light, closer to the light, and see if there is a flickering light area on the screen.

From the product side, we remind you: to polish your eyes, and carefully select the eye protection lamps!

IMPRESS’s LED luminaires can effectively filter out the shorter wavelengths and more penetrating harmful blue light.

Thus preventing the blue light from penetrating the surface of the eye to reach the retina causing irreversible harm. And our products have an infinitely dimming function so that the lamps will not reach too bright or too dark illumination, causing eye discomfort and other damage. The use of the Taiwan Meanwell circuit driver is truly effective in suppressing strobe.

Now in the 21st-century information age, almost everyone can not avoid contact with the screen to get information, if you can not solve the problem of blue light hazards from the product side, “myopia” will become this generation of children to pay the “value of the times”. Even though the technology is developing so rapidly, there is no technology to completely shield blue light, the real shielding of blue light, is completely not in contact with the light, hiding in the cave.

This is also just a little exaggerated, so exposure to blue light is already inescapable, but blue light is not so terrible, as long as self-control to reduce exposure to blue light time, reduce in front of electronic products before going to bed, will have a big help to your sleep, do more eye exercises to protect eye vision. It can be said that the choice of the right LED lights is also the majority of health-conscious people’s eye vision health protection.

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