How to use the color-coded lamp?

What is a color-coded lamp? How to use it? There are various types of artificial lamps, due to the difference in luminous principle, the relative spectral power distribution of light emitted by different lamps is not the same, we observe objects under different lights will cause errors in color judgment, in order to unify the light source conditions for color detection, we need special color matching lamps.

What is a color-coded lamp?

What is a color-coded lamp?

It is not difficult to understand the literal meaning of “color-coded lamp”, which is specially used to calibrate the color of the lamp. Color can not be produced without a light source, however, there are many types of ordinary lighting fixtures, different lamp luminous principle is very different, and the light emitted by the spectral composition will also be very different, if people in different lights calibrate the color, then because the light source is not consistent, it is also difficult to accurately determine.

In order to unify the lighting source conditions for color detection, the CIE on the standard light source, and the color-coded lamps are used to achieve the standard light source lighting conditions of specific products.

For example, the commonly used color-coded light source is D65, whose color temperature is 6500K, an artificial light source that simulates daylight. We want to ensure that there is a stable D65 standard light source lighting conditions in the color light box, you need to choose the professional brand production of D65 lamps. If the quality of the D65 lamp does not meet the requirements of the CIE standard lighting body, and standard light source, then it can not be used for color.

How to use the color-coded lamp?

The color temperature and color rendering of the light emitted from the lamp has such a requirement, so its internal structure is not the same as that of ordinary fluorescent tubes.

If the length of use of the color lamp exceeds the limited service life, then it emits light color temperature, color rendering index and brightness is likely to be incompatible with the relevant requirements of the CIE on the D65 standard lighting body, although the color lamp can still emit light, but can no longer continue to color detection, must be replaced in a timely manner with a new lamp.

Therefore, in the use of color lamps, the first point is to master the life of the color lamp and record the total length of lamp use and the number of uses.

The second point, in the daily use process, the lamp and other types of products are prone to the aging phenomenon, when the ends of the lamp blackened or dimmed light, you need to replace it in a timely manner.

The third point, due to the different brands of the color lamp is very many types, their quality is also varied, some low-quality lamps are prone to high color temperature, and poor color rendering.

In order to ensure the accuracy of color detection, you should choose as far as possible to trust the color lamp brand manufacturers, if the conditions of the user, but also through the professional color temperature illuminance meter to check the test.

Of course, even if the high quality of the contrast lamp products, if the user does not pay attention to the daily maintenance work, is also very easy to cause excessive loss of the contrast lamp, resulting in a reduction in the service life of the contrast lamp.

So, usually, when we use the color lamp, we can work on the number of times to open the color lamp box. If a certain period of time (such as within an hour) needs to use the color lamp box several times, do not repeatedly close and open it. Because the lamp starts to light up once, in its service life of the impact, equivalent to about one hour of continuous use.

Of course, if not used for a longer period of time, then the power to the color lamp box should be turned off. In addition, in non-essential circumstances, try to avoid repeatedly switching between multiple light sources to extend the service life of the lamp.

To sum up, the patented TRUECOLOR LED series developed by our team will be the new trend in the application of color-contrast lamps, and you can contact us if you need to know more information.

What are the hazards of color-contrast lamps?

The color lamp is a special lighting fixture used to detect the color, in general, it is not harmful to the human body some friends are worried about the color lamp emitting light radiation affecting the health of the colorist.

In fact, nature, as long as the object is not in absolute zero, will produce radiation to the outside world, the light of the color lamp is simulated various scenes of the lighting environment, such as D65 is an artificial simulation of daylight, CWF is a commercial fluorescent lamp. The light radiation they emit is within the acceptable range of the human body and does not pose a health hazard.

We know that sunlight contains a comprehensive spectrum of components, including ultraviolet light is more harmful to human skin, and the color light box is often configured with UV lamps to make up for the lack of ultraviolet light in the D65 light source.

However, although the UV lamp in the color lamp box contains ultraviolet components, but the ultraviolet light emitted is minimal, and the harm to human beings is almost negligible.

Therefore, the regular color lamp is almost harmless to the human body, so the majority of colorists do not have to worry too much. However, some irregular color lamps, due to quality problems, in the use of the human eye or a certain amount of stimulation.

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