How to improve the quality of LED lighting from 4 aspects

The quality of LED lighting

Is directly related to the user’s consumption experience of lighting products. According to the follow-up survey of the China Lighting Association, the current lighting enterprises’ ability to control quality is relatively weak, especially the quality management system of small and medium-sized enterprises is chaotic, the implementation of relevant national mandatory standards is not strict, and the quality control ability is low.

The quality of LED lighting

Recently, the Standardization Working Committee of the China Lighting Association launched the “Improvement of Laboratory Testing Capabilities in the Lighting Industry” campaign, aimed at LED lighting companies’ own laboratories and third-party laboratories, from four aspects: electricity, materials, electromagnetic compatibility, and performance. Conduct comparative analysis, give suggestions and guidance to industry laboratory testing technology and quality management based on the comparison results, and comprehensively improve the capabilities of LED lighting industry laboratories.

This work is not only a specific measure for enterprises in the service industry to strengthen their own laboratory construction but also a promotion for the implementation of tasks such as “strengthening the capacity building of quality infrastructure and improving the service efficiency of quality infrastructure” in the “Outline for Building a Powerful Country with Quality” issued by the State Council of China, looking forward to providing more comprehensive essential technical support for the high-quality development of the LED lighting industry.

Continuously improve the testing capabilities of enterprise laboratories

Enterprises such as IMPRESS ENERGY said that testing proficiency testing activities are a good opportunity and way to improve the laboratory system and ability and improve its own quality control level, and it is one of the most intuitive methods to evaluate the internal quality management of the laboratory.

Through proficiency testing, technical analysis and rectification directions are provided for existing problems, so the testing capabilities can be continuously improved and maintained; the laboratory can improve the accuracy of quality management and testing reports in a virtuous circle of continuous improvement.

Reduce data risk assurance project implementation

The person in charge of Beijing Qingcheng Pinsheng Laboratory believes that testing is a guaranteed service that runs through the entire process of product development, design and production, and engineering construction. Regularly participating in proficiency testing activities can analyze the deviation of its own laboratory from the comparison results. Reduce data risks and ensure the smooth implementation, operation, and maintenance of multiple projects.

Helps deepen understanding of standards

Participating in the comparison of testing capabilities will help companies further deepen their understanding and attention to standard details, improve operations in a timely manner, improve technical levels, and calibrate testing equipment, thereby improving the overall technology of the laboratory.

Improve customer trust in the company

Participating in proficiency testing helps to improve the laboratory’s technical capabilities and further enhances customers’ trust in the company’s quality control capabilities. The result of proficiency testing is not only the embodiment of the enterprise’s testing technology level but also the comprehensive performance of the enterprise’s own quality management level.

In the face of customer consultation and external market development, the results of proficiency testing are an important manifestation of the technical capabilities of the enterprise laboratory, which greatly strengthens the trust of customers in the authenticity of reliable test results issued by the laboratory.

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