How much space with how many W LED lights?

Many customers who do projects or design often ask how to calculate how much space with how many W LED lights to ensure adequate light source.

For a LED light, the more critical participation are power, luminous flux, beam angle, color temperature, and color rendering index.

Power, no need to explain.

Luminous flux, the same beam angle, the greater the luminous flux, the brighter the LED lamp.

Beam angle can be interpreted as the range of LED lights, such as the following two figures, if the two LED light flux, the upper figure of the LED light all the light is concentrated in a small range of angles so that the LED light is illuminated to a small range, but the brightness of the part illustrated will be more significant. The bottom picture of the beam angle is larger, the lighting effect is the opposite.

How much space with how many W LED lights----small beam angle explain
Small range of angles
How much space with how many W LED lights----large beam angle explain
Large range of angles

Color temperature CCT is understood as the color of light, low color temperature yellowish, high color temperature blue (white)!It is recommended that the living room with a color temperature of 5000 ~ 6000K, the living room with a color temperature of about 3000K.Color rendering index CRI, the higher the color rendering index, the closer the color of the object seen in the light to its own color, a case of home lighting fixtures need to be more than 80 color rendering index.

Many people interior decoration only consider whether the lighting is adequate, usually the most purchase is a large lamp placed in the middle of the room to meet the lighting source. In fact, in addition to consider whether the light can illuminate the room, in fact, lighting can be divided into three layers.

  • Basic lighting lighting (general lighting to meet the basic lighting needs of the room)
  • Functional lighting (task lighting to meet the lighting needs of various tasks such as reading, cutting, painting, writing, etc.)
  • Ambient lighting (accent lighting to create the ambient decorative lighting)

The current lighting design is often overlooked in the lighting quality is one of the problems that lead to poor lighting,

Like 20M² inside the installation of 200w lighting, simply analogous is to install 40pcs of 5w led downlight, the effect will be how, really blind, but not bright blind, is dazzling blind, because the led light-emitting area is small, the local light intensity is very high, so it is simply not suitable for close direct exposure.

The regular led lights If it is a residential, there are secondary optical components or diffuse reflection design if it is a commercial, most of them are used in high bay or street lights and other applications at a considerable distance, simply put, you take a lamp, the same bulb, the same power, installed shade and not installed shade, is not feeling installed shade light softer!

In fact, the luminous flux has not changed, just dazzling light is reduced, people feel In fact, the luminous flux does not change, but only the dazzle is reduced, people feel more comfortable, the dazzle actually has a detailed calculation, but relatively complex, there is generally no need to calculate the specific value, the same 200w total power, replaced by a 70w main light, two pcs of 10w spotlights, two sets with 50w tubelight slot and a 10w floor lamp, the overall effect will be a big change.

In general, anyway, as long as you know the characteristics of the light source and luminous flux, illumination, color rendering, color temperature and other simple issues, the basic lighting is actually quite easy.

If you have recent questions about how to better design how many watt led lights are needed for a space, talk to us and maybe you can get a better solution!

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