What is sports lighting? What are the features of LED sports lighting?

With the LED lighting industry entering a deepening adjustment phase, domestic and foreign LED lighting companies are also seeking breakthroughs by finding differentiated lines and devoting themselves to market segmentation to promote character development, such as focusing on LED sports lighting, LED grow lighting, LED automotive lighting and other niche industries.

LED lighting penetration rate continues to rise, driving the rapid development of the market, various national policies, and energy-saving needs continue to promote the LED replacement of traditional lighting.

So, what is sports lighting?

What are the features of LED sports lighting?

What LED lights are suitable for sports lighting?

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As the name suggests, sports lighting refers to the lighting used in sports venues, such as soccer stadium lighting, basketball stadium lighting, table tennis court lighting, tennis court lighting, etc. But this concept alone, it is impossible to understand what is the difference between sports lighting and ordinary lighting.

In fact, there are sports lighting industry standards, such as the international sports lighting standards are “training and recreational activities level” “amateur games / professional training level” “professional games ” “TV broadcast national / international games” “TV broadcast major international games” “HDTV broadcast major international games”. And China has also introduced relevant sports lighting standards – “JGJ153-2016 stadium lighting design and testing standards with provisions”.

These sports lighting standards, the horizontal average illuminance, vertical average illuminance, glare index, light source color temperature, color rendering index, etc. have clear design standards and testing standards.

The specific requirements of the same level of sports lighting will vary from sport to sport, for example, the level of sports lighting for training and recreational activities will vary, basketball courts, table tennis, billiards, tennis, badminton and other sports require a horizontal illumination of 300lux, while the requirements of the soccer field is 200lux, the requirements are relatively low.

While badminton, table tennis, basketball, volleyball and other sports stadium lighting, court lamps once the existence of glare hazards, will be in multiple locations in the stadium, different angles to produce glare hazards. Players only see a curtain of light with strong stimulation and cannot see the flying sphere. In the visual perceptual system, produce shaking, dazzling, blinding, blinding discomfort visual effects. Light produces visual fatigue, restlessness and anxiety. Glare hazards of stadium lighting, is the glare energy of the stadium lighting produced by the action of the human eye. In the visible spectrum wavelength, the shorter the wavelength of the stadium lighting the greater the glare energy, the more serious the glare hazard.

Badminton, basketball, table tennis, the venue is different color temperature is completely different, so each stadium has its unique atmosphere requirements. Imagine using the color temperature of 4000K in the office for the hotel, what kind of strange space atmosphere will be produced?

The color rendering index of sports lighting is also a very important parameter, for example, badminton court lighting design should pay special attention to the use of the venue, if you need to use HDTV television broadcast, in order to ensure that the broadcast image picture is vivid and clear, color realistic, the vertical illumination, illumination uniformity and stereo, the color temperature of the light source and color rendering and other indicators have specific requirements. Whether the badminton court lighting design can meet the illumination standards and lighting quality requirements is one of the main signs to evaluate a badminton court.

The selection of LED sports lighting is also particularly important.

For example, the selection of outdoor basketball court light source:

1. the installation height of the lamps pole should be 8-15M, lamps should be configured 300W LED sports lighting.

2. special places light source can be configured with explosion-proof function of the LED court lights. In short, the power of the light source should be adapted to the size of the competition site, installation location and height, should ensure that the light source work uninterrupted or quickly open.

3. light source should have a suitable color temperature, good color rendering, high luminous efficiency, long life and unchanged ignition and photoelectric properties.

4. the relevant color temperature of the light source should also meet the lighting requirements!

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