Does it matter of education lighting in 2022?

Why should we pay attention to education lighting?

According to a recent study by the World Health Organization, the number of Chinese primary and secondary school students suffering from myopia is currently over 100 million, and the rate of myopia among young people is the highest in the world. The survey shows that poor classroom lighting environment in schools is one of the main direct causes of students’ vision loss.

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In August 2018, Xi Jinping made an important instruction that myopia among students in China is showing a high incidence and low age trend, which seriously affects the physical and mental health of children, which is a major problem related to the future of the country and the nation, and must be given great attention and cannot be allowed to develop. Xi Jinping stressed that “the whole society should act to take care of children’s eyes together so that they have a bright future.”

During the third session of the 13th National People’s Congress, Lan Yan, a deputy to the National People’s Congress, deputy mayor of Guilin, and a member of the Guangxi District Committee of the Democratic Progressive Party submitted a proposal to implement healthy full-spectrum lighting in primary and secondary classrooms as soon as possible. She suggested strengthening the scientific propaganda on the health of school lights and promoting the lamps above the national standard requirements in schools.

Preferably select a number of healthy full-spectrum lighting fixtures and include them in the energy-saving government procurement list. The implementation of healthy full-spectrum lighting should be carried out comprehensively nationwide, with particular attention to remote mountainous areas and backward cities, to achieve 100% compliance with school classroom lighting health standards in all regions. She called for new standards and recommended the use of healthy full-spectrum lighting fixtures.

What do lighting manufacturers do?

The importance of a standard-compliant classroom lighting environment for young people to grow and learn cannot be overstated.

Donghua consultant company’s chief Li Guobin said in an interview with Aladdin-Design last year that currently “classroom lighting in glare, color temperature, illumination, illumination uniformity, blue light problems, strobe, color rendering index and energy consumption and other issues to be improved.”

In response to these problems, many LED companies have launched corresponding classroom lighting products in recent years. IMPRESS launched a brand of health lighting LED devices, combined with activity scenes such as classrooms, study rooms, and other specific places, the spectrum can be suitably adjusted to protect children’s eyes and improve visual comfort.

Jiangxi Shenghui Optical launched the corresponding lighting accessories – UGR anti-glare diffusion plate, the diffusion plate has the function of correcting and adjustment of the light distribution of the lamps, so that the light emitted from the lamps is more uniform, reduces glare to eliminate the uncomfortable feeling caused by glare on the human body.

Kaiya Lighting, Lida Xin, New Guanglian Optoelectronics, Microscopic Lighting, Light Sage Lighting, Shangwei Lighting, Kaitu Electric, and other companies have also launched classroom lighting-based school lighting systems and eye protection without glare desk lamps, eye protection chalkboard lights, classroom lights, and other health lighting products.

What should lighting companies do in the future?

At present, there are 520,000 primary and secondary schools in China, with more than 3.3 million classrooms, and more than 200 million students, but the classrooms use a variety of light sources and lighting environments, which is a very large market volume.

In the face of the education lighting market demand potential, lighting companies in the race to enter should develop and meet the needs of user groups and target research and development technology and products as the primary goal. According to the elements of different people’s demand for healthy light, the light source produced through advanced research and development technology, combined with the human living environment for scientific and detailed scene division. Through intelligent control methods, improve classroom lighting and enhance the healthy light environment. At the same time, the relevant professional inspection departments to increase the sampling of lighting companies’ products. This is the future direction of the development of classroom lighting.

Young people are strong, the country is strong, and lighting companies in the education lighting this road is still a long way to go.

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