Difference between D65 standard color-coded tubes and ordinary tubes

Often when customers consult the standard light source for the color lamp, they ask what is the difference between D65 standard color-coded tubes and ordinary tubes, many customers do not understand the D65 color light source, so we will introduce a simple introduction to the difference between the D65 standard color tube and ordinary lighting tube.

What are the common types of light sources currently available?

difference between D65 standard color-coded tubes and ordinary tubes

Since the invention of the light bulb, lighting technology through continuous development, there is a variety of light bulbs, lamps, we will be used lighting bulbs, lamps collectively known as artificial light sources, such as tungsten lamps, fluorescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, LED lamps, and so on.

Different light sources are due to different light-emitting principles and people are divided into three types: thermal radiation light source, gas discharge light source, and semiconductor light source. Although these artificial lamps and lanterns can emit light, their luminous efficiency and effect are different, such as commonly used fluorescent lamps and fluorescent lamps emit light color, and the naked eye can detect the difference, and incandescent lamps after using a period of surface will be hot, relatively speaking, fluorescent lamps luminous efficiency is higher.

When we are in different lighting conditions, observing the color of objects, due to the influence of light, will lead to judging the color of objects are not the same, in order to unify people to color when the light conditions, CIE (International Commission on Illumination) on the definition of the standard lighting body and standard light source.

What is the D65 standard light source?

D65 light source is the most commonly used one of the D series standard light sources recommended by CIE. According to the CIE, the standard illuminator D is the relative spectral distribution of daylight in each phase, and this light is called typical daylight or recombination. Therefore, the relative spectral distribution of the standard illuminator D represents an approximation to the relative spectral power distribution of actual daylight, and the standard light source is used to simulate the artificial light source recommended by the standard illuminator.

In the CIE definition of standard illuminating body D, respectively, recommended D65, D50, D55, D75, and other light sources, represent the relevant color temperature are 6504K, 5003K, 5503K, 7504K. CIE regulations should try to use the CIE standard illuminating body D65 to represent daylight, in the case of D65 can not be used D55 and D75.

At present, there is no artificial light source that can completely simulate the D65 standard lighting body, generally, as long as the color temperature reaches 6500K, the color rendering index Ra is higher than 90 light source, it can be used as a D65 standard light source, the common D65 standard light source through the high-pressure xenon lamp with filter, incandescent lamp with a filter and fluorescent lamp with filter three to achieve, but with the rapid development of LED technology, LED The color rendering index of LED lamps is also improving, and more and more companies are using LED light source standard light source lamps.

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Difference between D65 standard color-coded tubes and ordinary tubes

In simple terms, the D65 standard light source is a simulated daylight artificial light source, with spectral value in line with the European, and Pacific Rim country’s visual color standards. Here D refers to the English day, and D65 refers to the color at 6500K color temperature. Scientists through the color temperature of such a “ruler” to measure the color of our daily sunlight, the color of sunlight from sunrise to sunset is not the same every day. Because we are in a different location on Earth, so we are used to observing the color of natural light conditions are also different, usually more accustomed to the domestic D65 standard light source to the color.

General lighting light source types are diverse, and there is no single standard, such as common ceiling lights, chandeliers, light tubes, sodium lamps, etc., the color temperature and color rendering index are very different. If we are not consistent in the color temperature, the color rendering index is very poor lighting color, then it is difficult to correctly determine the true color of the product.

Therefore, the difference between the D65 standard light source and ordinary lighting lamps is that: D65 light source is a special artificial light source specified by the CIE, color temperature, and color rendering index with color requirements, which requires a lamp coated with oil special phosphor to achieve. Ordinary lighting tubes only need to meet the lighting needs of various scenes, different scenes used the lighting fixture’s color temperature, and color rendering is different. So when the color detection, it is necessary to choose the D65 standard light source, ordinary lighting tubes can not be used as a light source when color detection.

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