Design good office lighting, and these unexpected gains!

How to design good office lighting?

Bright enough on the line!
This is a common requirement for office lighting for many business owners and even office building owners. Therefore, when it comes to office space decoration, they often do not carry out in-depth design, painting walls, tiling, ceilings, or installing lights ……

There are few owners who will consider the deepening of the design and consideration of lighting. But unknown to you, someone can use the exact cost, the same materials, to achieve much better results than you.

24 hours a day, and for an average workplace (freelancers, overtime workers, business operators, etc.), at least eight hours a day are spent in the company. So, office space is also a place where we live in high frequency.

And a good office lighting design, not only to a certain extent make the staff’s physical and mental health, improves operational efficiency, embellishes the overall decoration effect, and enhances the corporate image is also a positive role. This, in the design of commercial lighting, is also important.

Therefore, the author has always believed that a scientific and reasonable office lighting design is very important.

Usually, for a “five dirty” business, office space probably includes these subdivisions: reception, open office, independent office, reception room, meeting room, bathroom, access, etc… Of course, if it is a production-oriented enterprise, divided up in more detail, we will talk about this later.

Why do you say that office lighting should be considered partition, rather than engage in “one size fits all”? Because each area should be considered from the function, artistry, energy saving, and other aspects of comprehensive consideration. In different office areas, the requirements for lighting are different, and the use of LED lights is also different.

Lighting design of the office reception

Office reception, of course, is the face of the company, highlighting the attention, showing the corporate style, and culture, here is the first pass. We need to do is, in accordance with the overall office space decoration design style and positioning of the company to determine the lighting methods in line with it.

How to design good office lighting?

Illumination can be slightly brighter, according to the China national standard “Architectural Lighting Design Standards” requirements, the illumination of ordinary offices to reach 300LX, high-end offices, to reach 500LX, this illumination standard is higher than the home lighting.

In basic lighting, you can use downlights. On the back wall, it is necessary to focus on lighting, generally with rail spotlights can be, in order to better highlight the corporate image and culture.

Lighting design for collective offices

Collective offices, often pay more attention to the practicality of lighting. Desk area, we generally use grille lamp panel, panel lamp lighting, layout lamp picking spacing uniform can. And the collective office channel area, which can be illuminated by downlighting, illumination does not need to be too high, the basics can illuminate.

How to design good office lighting?

This has the advantage of achieving an even and comfortable lighting environment in the office area and energy saving in the access area. In addition, this arrangement will also make the light more uniform.

The lighting of public passages

The lighting of public passages

In addition to the office area aisles mentioned above, there are often many passages throughout the office area. For example, the corridor leading to the leadership office, bathroom, elevator room, etc… Generally speaking, the public channel is only the interface area of various departments, there will not be a long stay, therefore, illumination requirements are often not high. Usually, in the channel area, we will install hidden panel lights or more energy-efficient downlights in the ceiling.

Stand-alone office lighting design

The role of a stand-alone office is a little more complex than a public office area. If you take the home space to compare, a single office is equivalent to the role of a living room + study. In other words, the leaders’ separate office is both a place to work and a place to meet guests.

Therefore, the lighting design of the single office needs to be further subdivided. For example, the workstation area requires relatively high illumination, we generally use a diffuse grille light panel or anti-glare downlight (similar to the public office area) is more appropriate, if there is a reading habit, you can also configure a set of desk lamps.

Stand-alone office lighting design

And for the single office in the meeting area (such as the tea area), often do not need to add too much illumination, only need to add two to three downlights above the negotiation area can be.

Of course, there are some more luxurious general manager rooms, the chairman of the office, etc., there will be chandeliers, and ceiling lamps such as art lamps exist, but their role is also decorative. If the leader personally likes some artwork, such as hanging paintings, and potted plants, then you can focus on these items to light.

Meeting room and business negotiation area lighting design

The meeting room and negotiation area mentioned here are different from the meeting area of the leadership office mentioned above. Because it is a special meeting area, then it is a new small “system”, the main lighting, light and dark, also need to reflect.

Since it is a meeting, it needs to have a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. For lighting, we can use good color rendering downlights with soft brightness. At the same time, we should focus on highlighting the corporate culture or posters on the wall and increase the brightness of the wall facade through adjustable angle spotlights.

Office meeting room lighting design

The meeting room should be bright and transparent, especially the core area of the meeting, not have obvious shadows, or light spots, and the light should not hit the face. A better practice is to use panel lights or soft film ceiling lighting in the core area. And the wall part is often a cultural wall, it needs to be illuminated by spotlights for wall washing.

Around the top of the wall, to be combined with the ceiling decorative structure, hidden downlights or light strips can be used to highlight the effect of light and shadow in the conference room and reduce the sense of oppression in the room.

Office meeting room lighting design

It is worth mentioning that many times we find that in order to make the effect of the projector clearer, it is mostly without lights on both sides. This is actually bad, if you look at the screen for a long time, and the screen and both sides, and the surrounding environment has a clear illumination difference, it is easy for people to produce visual fatigue.

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