4 Ways to Help Identify High Quality LED Flood Lights

In the face of many brands and different prices of LED floodlights, many customers do not know how to choose, but also do not know how to identify the quality of its advantages and disadvantages. In this regard, IMPRESS LED Lighting summed up the selection of high quality LED flood lights to need to pay attention to the 4 major points, to help the consumers easily identify.

1. LED Floodlight packaging and labeling  

This is the most simple and intuitive way to identify. High quality LED flood lights on the packaging should be marked with information such as rated voltage, voltage range, rated power, as well as brand trademarks and related certification marks. Genuine floodlights on the packaging of the trademark printing quality is good, clear font, not easy to fall off, even with a soft wet cloth wipe, the trademark is still clearly identifiable. The trademark of counterfeit products has poor printing quality, fuzzy font, and the trademark of some products can be wiped off with a wet cloth. In addition, there are some poor quality products on the outer packaging is not printed trademark and related certification mark.

2. LED floodlight appearance and housing

Genuine LED floodlights generally use integrated chips, and the color temperature is relatively pure. Customers can put multiple LED floodlights together for comparison, the lamp body radiator, size consistency of the product is generally mass-produced products, and quality is mostly guaranteed. In addition, look at the appearance of LED lights that are cracked, or loose, and observe whether the interface has been pried traces, if so, it means that it is an inferior product. Genuine LED flood lights in the installation and removal process will not appear loose, crooked heads and other phenomena.

Customers can also identify the quality of LED floodlights through the shell material, genuine LED floodlight material shell using high-quality aluminum materials, and brighter texture. Inferior products are made of low-quality aluminum, cutting corners to lead to insufficient heat dissipation, such materials have easy deformation, light body, and other characteristics.

3. LED Flood lights Working temperature

In working conditions, the temperature of genuine LED floodlights is more stable. In addition, if the light of the LED floodlight flickers, it also indicates that there is a problem with its quality.

4. LED Flood light Driver

General LED life without manufacturers boast of 50,000 hours because the LED chip can reach, but the driver can not reach, so generally responsible manufacturers and distributors will not brag to you about the long life of the LED, now on the market through the EU certification of the cross-flow driver can basically be able to reach 20,000 hours, so if boasting a warranty of 5 years 10 years, do not buy, pure Blind fool, generally large manufacturers will warranty 2-3 years.

In short, high quality LED flood lights is a perfect combination of high quality drive power supply, good heat dissipation conditions, high quality (chip) LED beads, and compliance with safety standards in several aspects! Only emphasize any party, can not be called a qualified product! For this reason, please the majority of customers, purchasers in the selection of LED flood lights, should be a comprehensive consideration of the above several important aspects, so as not to cause economic losses!

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