2 Popular LED Beads: Difference Between COB and LED

What is the Difference Between COB and LED?

COB and LED which is better? COB and LED which bright? Some customers often ask: COB and LED which bright? Which is better? Today, let’s take a look at the COB and LED question.

1. COB Beads Features

Difference Between COB and LED

COB is a kind of integrated light source encapsulated lamp bead that directly pastes the LED chip on the mirror metal substrate with high reflectivity.

The technology removes the bracket, no plating process, no-reflow soldering placement, no SMD, the use of the process is reduced a lot, and the customer welding assembly cost will save by one-third.

We can simply understand that it is a high-power COB surface light source. It has its own characteristics according to the product shape structure, design suitable luminous surface, and substrate size.

Advantages of COB

  1. Cheap, easy to use, and assemble.
  2. Circuit design is simple, positive and negative poles are easy to recognize, electrical stability is more stable, and the use of large substrate heat dissipation is better.
  3. The optical design is reasonable, the use of a heat sinking process, and high thermal luminance.
  4. The product has high color rendering, good softness, and health and environmental protection.
  5. The lamp design is simple, and welding processing and follow-up maintenance are simple.
  6. Light color luminous uniformity, no light spot, the ultimate light color experience.
COB Disadvantages
  1. COB is generally higher voltage because it is a series of multiple chips packaged. Generally more than 9V.
  2. COB power is relatively large, generally single is more than 3W.
  3. The price is relatively more expensive than led lamp beads direct plug and SMD lamp beads.

So, cob beads generally because of good light color, high reducibility, and high height, the cost is also relatively high, generally used in commercial lighting fixtures.

2. LED beads

LED beads are what we traditionally call on the straight plug LED beads and SMD LED imitation lumens and integrated high-power light beads.

LED generally consists of a bracket, chip, glue, phosphor, and wire package.

  • The bracket is the carrier of the light-emitting chip, the reflection cup of light.
  • Chip led light-emitting color of the core components.  
  • Glue: fixed chip in the bracket. 
  • Phosphor: excited by the blue light emitted from the chip, producing yellow light, blue and yellow light mixed into white light.      

The conductor wire generally has gold and alloy wire. Connect the chip and the holder to form a closed-loop circuit. Generally, the better lamp beads are encapsulated with gold wire.

At present, most of the products used in indicators, surface-mounted lamps, general lighting, instruments, and medical machinery are straight-plug and SMD LED beads.

The COB beads are mainly used in commercial lighting fixtures or lighting fixtures with relatively high requirements for lighting. For Example, jewelry lights, bakeries, pork lights, and other commercial uses are more.

So, you ask me, which is better, COB or LED beads?

I will generally ask you first what products you are using, what they use, and what are the requirements? For general lighting, I will suggest you use LED beads, for commercial lighting, I will suggest you use cob beads.

Both have their own advantages. But at present, the overall market, or led beads is used more.

In terms of brightness, the COB beads will be higher than the LED beads, with the same power, but the price will also be higher than the LED beads.

The difference between them is the current voltage, one is the size, and the other is the packaging process is different.

For more questions about cob and LED which is better, you can consult with IMPRESS LED Lighting engineers.

Hope the content about cob and led is better, and cob and led is brighter, what is the difference between cob and led can give you some inspiration for your selection or design. Wish you choose the lamp model that can be better applied to the product.

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